Covid Safe Tours

In order for us to run covid safe tours to protect guides and passengers we ask that you read the following information before joining our tours. Some tours may not be available, and some tours have had some changes. Please be understanding as we run our tours - we have timeframes we need to adhered to, allowing for each of our venues that we visit to action their covid safe business practice.


What we ask of you:

- Please if you are not feeling well, do not attend our tour. Please notify us either by phone/message/text, even if it is last minute, we need you to cancel if you are not feeling well. 

- Please follow the instructions of the guide regarding how the tour will run. At the very start of each tour a very short brief about the tour and a few do's and don't's to abide by.

- For as long as it is mandatory to wear a face mask in the state of Victoria we request all passengers do the same until you are seated within the venue we are visiting.

- Make use of the hand sanitiser available in the vehicles and at the venues. 

What you should expect from us:

- We will be asking for your details, such as address and phone number to keep as our record of a covid tracing plan. Those details will be shared with each venue that we visit, and this will be done by our guide. Those details will not be used for any other purpose. 

- The vehicle will be cleaned extensively prior to the tour.

- Limited numbers on each tour and we will ask you stay seated in the same location of the vehicle as arranged at the start of the tour.

Your temperature will be tested before jumping onboard. 

- Hand Sanitiser and wipes are available onboard for passengers to use if they require. 

- If you forgot your face mask - we will provide one for you. 

COVID POLICY: In the event that government restrictions are in place at the time of your booking or still in place up to 48 hours before your booking a full refund will be given of any money.